About us

Our way to paddleboarding started with windsurfing as a great way to be on the water even without the wind. After some time, we have found out, that it’s not just an alternative. You have more freedom on the paddleboard – you just throw it on the water and go wherever you want. On the paddleboard, you have more time to enjoy the nature around you, to chat with your friends or to just think and be alone. For me, it is like a time with a good coffee. From this analogy, we have figured out the name – café paddleboards.

Another hobby of ours is working with wood. It’s wonderful to see, to be there, or to even be the one who creates a desk, a guitar or just a ring box from the piece of wood. Everytime, it is an enjoyment, and everytime, something new arises, because the pattern of wood is unique and unrepeatable. We managed to combine both our passions when we created our first wooden paddleboard.