Wooden race café paddleboard suitable for riders who already know what they want. Doppio will allow you to give a great sports performance and is comparable to composite paddleboards. At the same time, you will gain a board with soul, with whom every ride and race will be a complete pleasure.

Each piece is made by hand, so it is possible to adapt the design and size to your wishes.


design a personification

dimensions and special adjustments

optional accessories

We produce café paddleboards ourselves in South Moravia, which is why it is easy for us to change anything before production. A shade of color is a minor adjustment. The width of the paddleboard, increasing the volume on the nose or, for example, hand engraving of your favorite motif. We can customize everything. Don’t be afraid to express your wishes.

At your request, we will build in your paddleboard 8 mounts for a rubber rope and up to 3 FCS holders for your camera. Leash plug and automatic Gore vent, which balances the pressure inside the paddlebard with the ambient pressure, is a matter of course.

A true racer

Café Doppio was designed in cooperation with the Czech racer Štěpán Šulc to measure its strength against the fastest paddleboards in the world. At the start of the race, there will be a traditional wooden hollow structure paddleboard and the latest carbon technology board side by side.

Pleasant stability

The distribution of the volume to the rails of the board and the recessed deck gives the raceboard excellent stability. The deck is recessed far from the tail. Therefore, when turning around the buoy, it is not significantly watered and thus facilitates the acceleration after each buoy.

Nose and tail for hard conditions

The sharp “V” nose literally cuts the water. You will appreciate its volume, which will not allow it to dive. However, the nose is not too high, which is convenient in crosswinds. The mono concave at the tail helps to push the board over the water. The width of the tail increases stability and the gradual thinning facilitates turning around the buoys. For maximum durability, the nose and tail are reinforced with oak wood.

Surprising rigidity

The hollow structure is very carefully designed. The material is doubled and sometimes even tripled in the highly loaded areas of the paddleboard. As a result, the board is more rigid and resistant to damage than you would expect.

70% more for our planet

Yes, the weight of Café paddleboards is more than 70% made up of Paulownie wood from renewable sources. The remaining parts are a fiberglass, epoxy resin, cork, plastic inserts and a glue for wood. We do not use carbon fiber at all.

Touch the wood

We use cork as a standard anti-slip material, it is soft and pleasant to the touch. Paddleboards can be also equipped with an anti-slip made of a wood veneer. The contact with wood is exceptional. However, if you are used to EVA foam, we will fulfill your wishes.

technical specification

MATERIALS: more than 70% Paulownia wood, fiberglass, epoxy resin, cork, plastic inserts, glue for wood

INTERNAL STRUCTURE: wooden ribs, air – all our paddleboards are hollow


The parameters are referential and fit the most common models. Please note, that due to a possible customization, the parameters may vary. No surprises, in case of an inquiry or order, we will discuss all the important matters together. 

  • DIMENSIONS: 14’ x 22”
  • VOLUME: 257 L
  • LENGHT: 14’ / 426 cm
  • WIDTH: 22” / 56 cm
  • DIMENSIONS: 14’ x 23”
  • VOLUME: 269 L
  • LENGHT: 14’ / 426 cm
  • WIDTH: 23” / 58 cm
  • DIMENSIONS: 14’ x 25”
  • VOLUME: 292 L
  • LENGHT: 14’ / 426 cm
  • WIDTH: 25” / 64 cm


We handle all the inquiries individually. Please fill in the form and we will respond as soon as possible to agree on the payment and delivery terms. This inquiry is non-binding, the order itself will be binding just after an agreement of both sides via email.