frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Café boards and others?

The difference is mainly in the materials used and the technology. While most of the rigid boards are made out of EPS core wrapped in glass or carbon fiber with epoxy resin, Café boards have a wooden ribs inside, covered by a thin layer of paulownia wood. 


Yes, wooden boards are not so fragile as you might think. They are at least as durable as are carbon boards. 

What is the lifespan of café boards?

It is practically a wooden ship with everything that goes with it. If you take a good care, you can have a board for your whole life. 

What are their riding characteristics?

That depends on the model and the shape of the hull. The riding characteristics are fully comparable to the other rigid boards with EPS core. In addition, the properties of the hollow construction show, that wooden boards can be stiffer than composite boards.  

Do CAFÉ boards require some special treatment?

Our boards are almost maintenance free just like carbon boards. If you choose a cork deck, it is a good idea to rub it with oil at least once a year. In case of some damage of the top layer of the fiberglass, it is a good idea to repair it as soon as possible. In case of the longterm water leakage, the board can be damaged.

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