Take a ride with us

And enjoy the unique experience offered by Café boards. Even before you put your board on the water for the first time.

Back to the roots

Wooden boats have worked well for centuries. The reason they gave way to new materials and technologies is that man began to look for shortcuts which would allow him to make more products faster and cheaper. We decided to go the other way. We are taking the material Earth has been offering and we are committed to use its potential to the maximum with the use of modern technologies and proper craftmenship.   

unlimited customization

We are all different, we all have different wishes and experiences. We are well aware of that, that is why we offer boards that can be fitted just for you. You cannot decide between the 25”and 27” width? How about 26”? Yes, we are not limited by the production program, we can fully customize the color, dimension or even shape for you. 


We don’t stop at dimensions and shape customization. You board can look just like you wish. Simple coloring or complex painting from your favourite artist? You don’t like the pattern of paulownia wood? We can veneer your board with any wood such as teak. Just tell us your idea. 

BE there with us

You can be with your boards since the production. Enjoy a weekend here on Pálava, South Moravia, we will put together the core of the board and you can sign it. Or you can take plane in your hands and smoothen your board. Build connection to your board since the beginning.  


We are not indifferent to the fate of our planet. That is why we have chosen the material Earth is offering. More than 70% of the weight is made up by paulownia wood. The material that grows in a cycle of 10 years only.


We are constantly innovating our products. We gain experience and feedback from our customers and racers, so that we can put it back in the shape development and technology. We will not settle for mediocrity. We want perfection.  

Materials without compromise

We have every piece of wood twice in our hands to make sure, it will be at the right place. We don’t choose materials based on availability and price, we only want the ones that will be the best for our boards.  


We are creating our boards so that they last as long as possible. However, we don’t have influence on accidents. That is why we are prepared to help you with those situations. From polishing the scratches to replacing parts of the board. All boards are handmade here in South Moravia, Czech republic, we know every part, they are composed of and we are able to fix almost everything, so that your boards is as new again.


If you haven’t find the answers to your questions here or even in FAQ, don’t hesitate to write us.